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Retune Yourself™ Pamper Your Body, Soothe Your Soul

Our full suite of spa services  will help you relax and let your other life melt away, while furthering your fantasy life here in Palm Springs as a rock star on sabbatical.

Call our Rock Spa® today at 760-969-6665 or book your Rock Spa® treatment online.

Rock Spa® in Palm Springs

Take time for yourself with a treatment at our Palm Springs spa where we’ve created a serene atmosphere with a luxurious touch. Each of our treatment rooms are designed to evoke a feeling of calm while you receive your treatment of choice. Our spa includes personal lockers, robes, slippers, and hair and body care products for your convenience and comfort.

Alternatively, if your preferred way to de-stress is a sweat session in the gym, make sure to stop by our Body Rock Fitness Center. We have state-of-the-art equipment, a flat screen television, and plenty of ice water to keep you hydrated during your workout.

Whatever helps you recharge most, we are ready to meet your every request.


$99 SPA SPECIALS – 50 min



It’s a classic for a reason. Long strokes with slight to medium pressure soothe sore muscles and stimulate circulation, helping to revitilaze and invograte your body and spirit.



Feel totally buffed, reved up and ready to rock after this invograting exfoliation. It’s like awakening your body and mind from a deep state of relazation, so you’re ready to face and conquer the world again. 

RHYTHM & MOTION Signature Treatments
    Lose track with the musical massage that takes you away from the world for a while. Our masterfully blended soundtrack, takes you on an experiential journey, in sync with a performance of techniques, pressure and rhythm. The treatment is infused with your choice of natural organic essential oils to reduce stress, ease muscle tension, and detoxify. You have never felt the music quite like this.
    Duration: 50 or 80 minutes

    Every rock star needs a little rehab once in a while. This treatment brings the therapeutic benefits of sound vibration and clinically proven organic products to rejuvenate and hydrate facial skin. This journey leaves skin smoothed and refreshed, shedding years and restoring a star-worthy glow. 
    Duration: 50 or 80 Minutes

    Retune your skin and rock your soul with our two-part treatment that removes impurities and invites new nourishing elements in. Starting with the rhythmical Sweetgrass inspired dry brushing, a ritual that softly sloughs rough skin away. Closing with a soothing detoxifying wrap, to release toxins, hydrate, and smooth the skin. Wrapping it up on a high note. 
    Duration: 50 Minutes

    The ultimate healing experience that warms you up and wraps you in bliss with a sweet finish. For the full body benefit, this treatment begins with a cleansing shot of ginger tea to jumpstart your detox process, followed by a brisk, rhythmical Sweetgrass inspired dry brushing. Following our detoxifying wrap to nourish your skin, the 50-minute Synchronicity massage and cleansing facial mask complete the treatment. A refreshing shot of Rock Spa® Detox Tea is then served, to keep you in a state of ahhh even longer. 
    Duration: 110 Minutes


Book your RHYTHM & MOTION treatment online.

    It’s a classic for a reason. Long strokes with light to medium pressure soothe sore muscles and stimulate circulation, helping to revitalize and invigorate your body and spirit. 
    Duration: 50 or 80 minutes 

    Designed for expectant mothers past the first trimester, this full-body massage reduces excess water retention, promotes circulation to calm frayed nerves and restores energy.
    Duration: 50 or 80 minutes

    A powerful and firm body massage using hands, elbows and forearms. Restores peak performance for stressed muscles and will increase the Lymphatic flow and circulation of the body to release muscle tension and alleviate fatigue. 
    Duration: 50 or 80 minutes

    Through the combination of gentle massage techniques and the effects of aromatherapy oils, blockages in the body are released allowing energy to flow freely again. A sensory journey that influences the mood, this treatment creates a state of relaxation and overall well-being. 
    Duration: 50 or 80 minutes

    Smooth river stones provide deep heat to strategic points on the spine, back, hands and feet. A totally relaxing experience, this calming process restores equilibrium and inner peace by balancing the flow of energy. 
    Duration: 50 or 80 minutes 

    Four hands legally work out kinks in tired muscles, doubling the therapeutic effect. We recommend you experience this at least once in your lifetime!
    Duration: 50 or 80 mins


Book your MASSAGE online



Feel totally buffed, revved up and ready to rock after this invigorating exfoliation. Olive Stone is blended with lemon and basil to exfoliate and hydrate your skin, leaving it soft and supple. It’s like awakening your body and mind from a deep state of relaxation, so you’re ready to face – and conquer – the world again.
Duration: 50 or 80 minutes


Specifically designed to revive and nourish all the senses, this journey begins with an aromatic full-body salt scrub exfoliation and application of hydrating moisturizer. Hot stones are used to provide warmth to aching muscles and soothe the soul.


It’s ok to get a little dirty. Erase the impurities of daily life and experience the ultimate detox with this soothing marine mud wrap. Designed to increase circulation and purification, algae, mineral rich marine sediment and essential oils are applied to the entire body. A comforting wrap will cocoon, relax and restore equilibrium Duration: 50 or 80 minutes


Immerse yourself in lavish luxury with this nurturing spa ritual that will lead to inner harmony. With your choice of aromatherapy oil, receive a gentle exfoliating juniper olive stone scrub, followed by a luxurious wrap and an application of hydrating moisturizer. You emerge relaxed, nourished and calm. Duration: 80 minutes

Head, neck, shoulders…enough said.
25 Minutes

Personalized mini-revival facial includes a cleansing and exfoliation, mask and moisturizer. It’s a perfect quick treat for those on the go.
25 Minutes

Balance your body by focusing on your feet to stimulate the body’s energy points.
25 Minutes

Our organic Myrtle and other Mediterranean botanicals will refresh, smooth and refine the skin. After this gentle, full body exfoliation, your skin will feel silky, smooth and rejuvenated.
25 Minutes

Nourishing Amala aromatherapy oils coat and protect your hair. Pressure points on the scalp relieve tension throughout the body. Scalp massage completes the experience.
25 Minutes


Book your MINI treatment online

Specifically designed around your personal skincare needs, this facial includes a gentle exfoliation to remove dull surface skin cells, a  deepcleansing facial massage and rejuvenating mask. An essential oil application to the temples and warm hand treatment complete the customized
50 or 80 minutes

The ultimate grooming facial designed specifically for the skincare regimen of men, therapists customize the treatment for the needs of the individual. Perfect before and after travel, the intensive renewal process is wonderful for skin showing signs of aging or fatigue. Please shave at least two hours prior to your appointment.
50 or 80 minutes

This peptide-rich Lactic Acid peel will exfoliate dead, damaged skin to minimize fine lines, reduce breakouts and brighten skin. Collagen is
stimulated, and you emerge with healthy skin for a smoother, more youthful and clear appearance.
50 minutes

This ultimate cleansing experience for the back removes impurities, rebalancing those hard to reach areas. The treatment includes deep exfoliation and an anti-bacterial mask with purifying essential oils such as citrus orange peel, lemon and ginger.
50 or 80 minutes

Turn back time with this powerful antioxidant treatment. Vitamin C and enzymes ensure your skin will have a natural glow. This ultra-luxurious facial reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, boosts the skin’s natural defenses and restores a youthful appearance.
50 or 80 minutes

Nourish and rejuvenate skin with a facial mask of purifying and firming sun-dried Sea Algae. Sea Algae opens skin pores, traps impurities and removes them with the peel-off mask. The restorative fruits and plants of the Amazon, such as organic Cocoa Bean, Andiroba and Buriti, will firm, smooth and restore elasticity of the skin. Held sacred by the Aztecs, Cocoa Bean will smooth fine lines and firm skin for a brighter, more
radiant, and youthful tone.
50 minutes

The skin purifying effect of wild-crafted Blue Lotus and rejuvenating properties of organic Cocoa Bean create the harmonizing effect of this  treatment. Blue Lotus, Bamboo, Ginger, Algae Extract, and Green and White clays will deeply cleanse and purify skin. The unique plants of the South American rainforest, organically grown Cocoa Bean, Acai, Andiroba and Buriti will smooth fine lines, rejuvenate and rehydrate. Organic
MuruMuru Butter, Cupuacu Butter and Shea Butter will restore youthful elasticity and hydrate skin with lasting moisture, leaving your skin feeling youthful, fresh and radiant.
80 minutes

Treat and revive tired or stressed eyes with Amala’s mineral-rich Eye Pack. This Eye Pack will work to restore tone and elasticity and assist in minimizing dark circles, puffiness and fine lines, while regenerating and oxygenating your skin. The delicate eye area will be soothed, remineralized and rehydrated by our organic, wild-crafted seed oils, plants and flowers which are vital to the health and repair of our skin.

Combining the rich ingredients of unrefined, sun-dried green clay and French Spirulina, with a blend of organic and wildcrafted seed oils, plants and flowers, Amala’s Neck & Décolletage mask will lift and firm the neck and chest areas while brightening and oxygenating your skin. Mature or sun-damaged skin will be remineralized and rehydrated, leaving your skin feeling firmer, brighter and rejuvenated.

Book your FACE treatment online

The ultimate in sensual delights for you and your partner in our lavish couples suite. You will paint your masterpiece of mud on your partner’s body canvas. Once the mud has been applied, enjoy a cascade shower in private. Our therapists will then return to the suite and complete this exotic treatment with a relaxing 50-minute couples massage. Your ultraromantic treatment will include Champagne or Detox Tea.
80 minutes

Tantalize your skin and each other with the perfect couples escape.
4.5 hours
• customized massages
• personalized facials
• aromatherapy scalp massages
• body exfoliations
• body wraps
• Champagne or Detox Tea 

Experience the ultimate in luxury rejuvenation! After a stimulating full-body polish, you will feel completely pampered as your body is cocooned in a warm, green clay and algae body wrap, which helps to draw out toxins and repair and smooth the skin. Transform the senses and transform the skin with an anti-oxidant-rich facial that includes a special neck decolletage treatment, to firm and brighten the skin and help you look and feel your absolute best.
80 minutes

Gather up the ladies and celebrate your inner (or outer) diva. Includes an Aromatherapy massage and Drenched Facial per person.
2 hours

Be the ultimate Hard Rock celebrity by reserving the spa for you and your entourage. Choose any four of our mini spa treatments using the spa for your own selfish needs. Relax in our spa lounge with Champagne or Detox Tea.
2.5 hours


Book your COUPLES treatment online

We invite you to join us at Rock Spa 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment, providing you with sufficient time to change into your robe so that we may begin your treatment on time. A spa robe, slippers and locker will be provided upon arrival. If you choose, undergarments may be worn during treatments. However, all therapists are skilled in proper draping procedures to ensure your complete comfort and privacy. If at any point a therapist feels a client is behaving inappropriately, he or she is authorized to stop the treatment immediately. We ask that you do not bring cell phones, jewelry or valuables in Rock Spa.

All spa treatments include use of the facility, robe, slippers and a locker. A 20% service charge will be added to the cost of your treatment. Services may be charged to your guest room. We also honor cash and all major credit cards.

For maximum convenience and flexibility, we recommend you schedule your spa sessions in advance. All appointments must be guaranteed with a credit card. Please indicate at time of booking if you have a preference for a male or female therapist or if you are pregnant and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the spa/fitness facility. Young adults between the ages of 16 and 18 may schedule spa appointments with their parent or guardian present during the treatment.

Because we reserve spa services specifically for you, we ask that you give 24 hours advance notice, should you need to change or cancel your appointment. Late cancellations or no-shows will be charged at full treatment price. A late arrival will reduce your scheduled treatment time
so that we may accommodate our previously scheduled guests.

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$99 SPA SPECIALS – 50 min


It’s a classic for a reason. Long strokes with slight to medium pressure soothe sore muscles and stimulate circulation, helping to revitilaze and invograte your body and spirit.


Feel totally buffed, reved up and ready to rock after this invograting exfoliation. It’s like awakening your body and mind from a deep state of relazation, so you’re ready to face and conquer the world again. 

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Let us pamper your wedding party with Hard Rock nights and diva spa treatments in the day. We host unforgettable weddings that are custom-crafted to be your big show with packages that include incredible rooms, event space, catering services, and a spa and pool for your guests.

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